Oh My Goth

Gangsters and blood-thirsty mobsters were my subject for last year’s crazy show “Mamma Mafia” - and this year I have decided to write about an even more grisly and gruesome genre ...HORROR !

People have always been thrilled by books and movies involving vampires, werewolves, monsters and inexplicable evil entities. Frankenstein , Dracula, and Dr Jekyll were created more than a hundred years ago and these characters and the myths which surround them are still popular. Today, teenagers love the rather tame vampire series, “ The Twilight Saga” and the home-made horror of “The Blair Witch Project “ and “Paranormal Activity”, while their parents still watch re-runs of the terrifying “Halloween” , “Jaws” and Hitchcock’s classic “Psycho” . There is nothing like a good SCREAM and the reflex burst of laughter which follows it !

So if you like to be shaken up, scared out of your wits or just plain horrified , hurry up and buy a ticket to see ”OH MY GOTH ! “ The show will give you lots to scream about - and , don’t worry, if you die laughing we ‘ll give you your money back !

The show is full of “UNSPEAKABLE HORROR !” and “YOUR FLESH WILL CRAWL..“ as you sit on the edge of your seat, the Crazy Christmas comedy team will take you on a nail-bitingly, scary ghost-train ride through the supernatural world of the greatest ghouls and ghastliest monster creations of all time , with its potent mix of sensational songs, silly slapstick, sexy sirens, dubious double entendres and daring dance numbers stirred up into a ghastly gruel of a crazy Gothic Horror Show.

It’s dead funny ! It’s fang-tastic! It’s oozing with biting satire !

So whatever else you do in the dark winter nights - don’t miss ” OH MY GOTH ! “

The most h-h-h- horrible show in town !

- Vivienne McKee