Crazy Christmas 2017

Planet Rump - The Farce Awakens

Planet Rump - The Farce Awakens

In a Galaxy far too close for comfort, a huge orange planet threatens to destroy the known universe …. or not !
Could this be a FAKE phenomenon ?

Vivienne McKee & Co. take you to the edge of sanity and beyond with the 35th Crazy Christmas Show. Seriously silly satire, pithy parody and toe-tapping tunes plus a thrilling voyage launching you from your seats into space and across the cosmos give this show nothing less than a 500 Star rating !

Prepare for a bumpy ride as…. THE FARCE AWAKENS !!

The tickets go on sale in late April.

Playing in Glassalen, Tivoli 
Nov 14th 2017 - Jan 6th 2018
and of course we will be swingin' by Aarhus
- again at Hermans, Tivoli Friheden
Jan 10th - 13th 2018

Crazy Christmas 2016

Shakin' Up Sherwood

Shakin' Up Sherwood

A theme full of what has made Britain great over the centuries… including the green english countryside, cream teas, warm beer, fish and chips, draughty medieval castles with no plumbing, and above all the kind of british hero who fearlessly and somewhat recklessly, fights, not only the nasty foreigners who try to invade our shores and the odd evil despot, but also the toughest foe of all - the english climate.

The theme includes of course Robin Hood and his Manly Men, but also a pure english virgin or two (although finding two is unlikely) and her loveable down-to-earth nurse.

What title could possibly cover all this?
You’ve probably guessed…
The 2016 CCC will be…

Starring lot's of Crazy LTT actors and a merry band of Toastie musicians.

Playing in Glassalen, Tivoli
Nov 5th 2016 - Jan 12th 2017
and of course we will be swingin' by Aarhus
- this year playing at Hermans, Tivoli Friheden
Jan 17th - 21th 2017


A word from the writer/director
- Vivienne McKee

It is a challenge every year for me to find a topic to write about for the Crazy Christmas and over the last 3 decades I have covered most of the best known like Dracula and Tarzan - and some of the most obscure, like Nefertiti and Hitchcock. 

So what on earth should I write about in the year 2016 ?

The outlaw ROBIN HOOD has always been one of my favourite heroes. Not only was he a handsome rebel who helped the poor, but he was so cool to live in a forest with a band of men who were, for some unknown reason, always merry ! His enemy was also one of my favourite villains - the Sheriff of Nottingham. A nasty guy who lived in rich splendour whilst he persecuted the peasants. He suddenly made me think of the billionaire businessman, Donald Trump ! A man who I am sure would be happy to cut down all the trees in Sherwood to make way for a golf course and an amusement park. Thus the seed was sown for this year’s show.

When I wrote the script for “Shakin’ Up Sherwood“ (and even as I write this now), I do not know if Trump will win the US presidential election, but I would like to thank him for providing me with the nastiest and most tasteless comments that I could never have invented for the role of The Sheriff.

So be ready to shout a big BOO for Sheriff Ronald Rump and HOORAY for Robin and enjoy lots of post-presidential festive fun with all of us in Sherwood Forest.