Crazy Christmas 2021

Da Folketingets Epidemiudvalg er kommet med nye restriktioner, bliver London Toast Theatre desværre nødt til at aflyse årets Crazy Christmas Cabaret fra og med søndag den 19. december til og med lørdag den 15. januar 2022. 

Hvis du har teaterbilletter i nedlukningsperioden bedes du venligst afvente. 
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Tell Me About It
Have you been going Corona Crrrrr-azy ? 
 - Tell me about it  !  
“TELL ME ABOUT IT”  is the title of Crazy Christmas 2021 ! 
After cancelling last year’s Crazy Christmas show because of the Lock Down, and following 4 turbulent years of Trump and Brexit, McKee & Co have for our 40 years theatre season jubilee decided to take you back to a happier decade - The Eighties !
From 1980 to 1989, there was an explosion of colourful clothes, big hair, big shoulders, disco, drugs, and terrific TV shows: Miami Vice, Dynasty, Dallas. Dazzling pop idols, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bowie, Abba and Elton, and the world was led by a movie star US president, a UK Iron Lady and a Glasnost Gorbachev. Reds hid under their beds, while ruthless mobsters made millions with organised crime. 
This is the story of Don Calzone and his family:  
Al Fresco, Dino, Dolce Vita and Cappuccino. They have been one of the most powerful Mafia families for decades, but now, in 1985, they are shocked to realise that times have changed.
Who will the Don choose to succeed him ? 
At a Calzone anniversary party at the Funky Flamingo in Miami Beach, all hell breaks loose when a drug lord known as The Cuban kidnaps the family’s advisor, a young millionaire businessman, Donald Dump, arrives to buy a property on Palm Beach, and Don Calzone is finally forced to make an offer that IS refused.  
Find out who makes it to the end of this eighties riotous gangster romp, created by Vivienne McKee with her signature cocktail of classic Crazy Christmas (now for its 38th time!) with a triple shot of Coppola, Tarantino and Scorsese, shaken and not stirred, with a slice of pure British silliness.
This is “No Time to Die “ - but time to die laughing ! 
Enjoy this year’s best Tivoli roller-coaster ride, riddled with bullets, toe-tapping tunes, jokes, slapstick, satire, and best of all  - oodles of audience participation  !!   
Playing in Glassalen, Tivoli  
16. NOV 2021 - 15. JAN 2022

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How it all started in 1982 on a tiny stage at Café Teatret in Copenhagen, and over the past 40 years has developed into a show that is among the 10 best-selling in a Danish theater season.

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