Killing The Danes

This year CPH STAGE initiated a new CPH STAGE after dark concept – The Night Cabaret at Folketeatret’s Snoreloft. The doors are open from 22:00 – 01:00 and the program is unpredictable, delightful and thrilling.
Each night will raise funds for a good cause, and Vivienne is delighted to be a part of the Night Cabaret with her 15 minute version of Killing The Danes at the Night Cabaret at Folketeatret's Snoreloft June 8th.

Anglo-Danish actor/writer, Vivienne McKee, shares with the audience her unique insider knowledge of all things nordic, and attempts to explain what makes the Scandis such a humorous, miserable bunch.

“Killing the Danes" is amusing examination of the Nordic Noir phenomenon;

Why are the Danes called the happiest people in the world when a viewing of just one episode of The Killing is enough to wipe the smile off anyone’s face?

Why do the Nordic people write creepy crime novels and create darkly depressing TV series and yet laugh their heads off at Dirch Passer and
Benny Hill?

Having lived in Denmark for more than 30 years, Vivienne is still puzzled by this conundrum and, while sharing her personal view of all things nordic, she asks the audience to assist her in dissecting what makes the Scandis such a miserable, humorous bunch of vikings.

This event is part of CPH:STAGE THEATRE FESTIVAL

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