A crazy corporate quiz evening

How much do you really know about your company?

Have you ever thought - "Wow! I didn't know that!" - when you discovered something particularly interesting (and possibly personal?) about your top management - or the day to day running of the company?

The crazy corporate quiz evening gives your guests a chance to show off their knowledge of the company and, at the same time, reveal and possibly discover, some new and fascinating facts!!

The evening's entertainment - hosted by Vivienne McKee in her own unique Danish/English style - is packed with competitive fun and crazy corporate activity.

Each table of guests becomes a team and, during the dinner, they work together to complete a highly amusing quiz based on the work and the internal affairs of your Company. Later, Vivienne presents the answers to the quiz, adding her own funny comments on the various suggestions from the teams.

The scoring begins and the competitive atmosphere increases!!

All of the teams are then presented with another hilarious challenge to test their initiative and know how! - and this time the competition requires the active participation of the guests!! The evening ends with a hilarious finale! The top-scoring teams are required to fight it out for first prize by doing something completely crazy - which is guaranteed to make this particular evening unforgettable in the company's history!!

This entertainment has proved to be an ideal concept for large companies which have subsidiary branches in various parts of the world, and who want to "bring them together", and thereby strengthen their professional association.

The Crazy Corporate Quiz has been presented with great success and appreciation for "really bringing the participants together",
- for AGRINORD at the Conference Centre in Slagelse.
- for The amalgamation of the two companies FONA and DER at the Hotel Kolding Fjord.
- for Novo Nordisk Engineering at Novo Nordisk, Bagsvaerd.
- for The East Asiatic Company's summer party in Frihavn, Copenhagen.
- for AP Pension's 75 Ürs Jubileums Fest in NIMB, Tivoli.
- for BOREALIS annual international conference.
- for ALFRED BERG & COLOPLAST julefrokost arrangements.
- for NAVISION SOFTWARE A/S international conference. (for 800 participants!)



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