What is London Toast Theatre


Welcome to our 40 years jubilee season

The LONDON TOAST THEATRE is one of the most successful English theatre companies in Europe, playing regularly to audiences of more than 60.000 a year at its home base in Copenhagen and to many more, throughout Denmark and other European countries.

The theatre was established in 1982 under the artistic direction of Vivienne McKee and the administrative direction of Søren Hall, as a platform for the presentation of English language theatre to Scandinavian audiences.

Over the years the company’s repertoire has included, not only modern plays by such distinguished British playwrights such as Frayn, Wesker, Pinter, Berkoff and Ayckbourn, but also productions of Shakespeare plus musical cabarets, stand-up comedy shows and drama workshops.

In addition to its theatre work, the LONDON TOAST THEATRE offers corporate entertainment including cabarets, international stand-up comedians and Murder Mystery entertainment in castles and hotels in Denmark and Sweden.

The company’s voice-over agency, “SPEAKER’S CORNER”, provides English and American voices for dubbing and narration on commercials and films.

Every year since 1982, the company presents an enormously successful Christmas show in English, which contains all the elements of British pantomime blended with Monty Python, Old Time Music Hall, Dario Fo, Comedia Del Arte, stand-up comedy and Danish humour.

“Det, der betyder noget, er parodierne, de mange gags, vaudeville-sangene og inddragelsen af publikum, McKee & Co. får os til at synge, klappe og leve med - en absolut sjældenhed i dansk teater. Kan vi ikke “klone” klovnene fra London Toast?”
Ellen Bick Meier, Information
"Crazy Christmas Cabaret '92 er et knap tre timer langt ophold i London Toast Theatres Mental Hospital for Severly Mad Maniacs. Det føles aldrig for langt. Faktisk ønsker man sig, at man kunne få lov at blive rigtig indlagt.”
Me Lund, Berlingske Tidende

The show is written and directed by Vivienne McKee and attracts sold-out houses for its entire run, and now has an almost cult-like status on the Danish theatre scene. The show is known as “THE CRAZY CHRISTMAS CABARET and offers a new story-line each year, taking, as its inspiration, well-known stories and folk-heros. For example:

Count Dracula in “A PAIN IN THE NECK” (1986)

King Arthur in “OH WHAT A K-NIGHT! (1991) 


Sherlock Holmes in “THE CASE OF THE GREAT DANE” (1994) 

Tarzan in “KING OF THE SWINGERS” (1998)

Captain Xavier Dicard in “SPACED OUT” (2000)

Phileas Fogg in "FOGG'S OFF!" (2007)

Robin Hood in “Shakin’ Up Sherwood” (2016)

The show is now performed in the heart of Copenhagen, within the famous Tivoli Gardens, in the magnficent 1000 seat theatre, GLASSALEN - and forms part of the internationally renowned “Tivoli Gardens Christmas Season” - attracting thousands of people from all over the world.

In 2019 LONDON TOAST THEATRE celebrated the 37th Crazy Christmas Cabaret written and directed by Vivienne McKee as she took the audience to the edge of sanity and beyond with "The Three Brexiteers"  http://londontoast.dk/id-2019-the-three-brexiteers.html

Last seasons Crazy Christmas "TELL BE ABOUT IT" has unfurtunatelly been cancelled due to COVID-19 but our 38th Crazy Christmas will now take place in our 40 years jubilee season here in 2021 - HOORAY

Until then please take a look at the history of London Toast Toast in this video made for the exhibition "LONDON TOAST THEATRE - an English phenomenon in Danish theatre" at the magnificent Teatermuseet i Hofteatret in Copenhagen back in 2014 -or listen the brand new podcast to hear Vivienne McKee tell about this years Crazy Christmas Cabaret TELL ME ABOUT IT and about 40 years of bringing British theatre to the Danish stages:
Click here: pov.international/vivienne-mckee-40-ar-med-crazy-christmas

Cph Stage


London Toast Theatre has been proud of being part of the theatre festival of Copenhagen CPH STAGE

Since the beginning LONDON TOAST THEATRE has contributed to the CPH STAGE theatre festival with shows such as Don't Mention Hemingway and  KILLING THE DANES 2 at Teatret ved Sorte Hest and at Folketeatret, and also by taking part in the popular theatre flea market at Højbros Plads or in the lovely garden of Revymuseet. Last season London Toast Theatre brought "Oh Baby - It's Cole" to CPH STAGE 2019.