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Attention, teachers, parents and other educators!

The Teaching material for London Toast Theatre’s next Crazy Christmas Cabaret production is finally here !

Feel free to download the Teaching material:

For Schools


With this teaching material, we hope to inspire teachers to use the Crazy Christmas Cabaret, this curious combination of English and Danish language and culture, as a way to acquaint their students with the English language and its many possibilities. We have tried to offer different angles on the show including both class discussion, written assignments, and research assignments. Parts of the teaching material is best used before you take your class to Glassalen while others require that the students have seen the show.

This year, we ask your students to research on Verne’s novel including the characters. Therefore, we do not provide our usual guide to the references and innuendos embedded in our characters’ names and personalities. After all, we don’t want to give it all away.

We hope you find the following useful, and should you wish to comment on any part of the teaching material, please feel free to send us an email at

Good fornøjelse!


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The Origins and Traditions of the British Pantomime

In Denmark, we mostly associate Pantomime with the classic, wordless performances of Harlequin, Columbine and Pierrot in Tivoli. If you are invited to a Christmas Pantomime in England, do go but don't expect a similar experience. The English pantomime is a unique theatre genre that only really exists in the United Kingdom. It is extremely popular and every year theatres are completely sold out to an audience of all ages, backgrounds and tastes.

Traditionally, adults take their children to the "Panto" as a Christmas treat but often the adults have the most fun. The mad knockabout comedy of the pantomime, where people are hit but not hurt, where authority is constantly flouted and where fun is poked at everything from past to present, has had a great influence on the well known British "crazy" humour of for instance Monty Python's Flying Circus.

The Pantomime is as English as Fish 'n' Chips and pints of lukewarm beer - and Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without it.

Feel free to download the teaching material: The Origins and Traditions of the British Pantomime