Bond Is Back!

Bond is back

"License To Thrill" 

The Crazy Christmas Cabaret  "Never Say Bondage is not Enough"  presented in Glassalen, Tivoli-  was nominated in 1991 for the award of Årets Reumert as "Best Show of the Year" . 

Now we have created a hilarious show starring David Bateson as the debonair secret agent , James Bond and Vivienne McKee as his boss at British Intelligence - M. 

The other stars of the show are  you ! - the  guests - as you help Bond to save your company from imminent destruction!! 

Time is running out!  Only Bond can save you from the evil enemies who are trying to destroy you and your company! 

As Bond has to work undercover as an employee of your organisation - one of the guests must teach him a few basic skills and Bond , naturally, is a very quick and attentive learner - especially as the teacher from your company is an attractive woman!

"M" needs a man from your company to replace Bond in London and a very funny audition takes place when three candidates from your event have to show their ability to impersonate the famous spy. 

Haven't you always wanted to hear your boss say ? 

"My name is Bond, James Bond , licensed to kill " ? 

The show lasts 50 - 60 minutes and is full of audience participation , jokes, singing, dancing and an exciting ending when Bond saves you all from destruction. Highly recommended for team-building too - this show will leave you 

" shaken and very stirred " !! 

Requirements: any venue, a  small stage,  two microphones and your good humour!