Cracy Christmas 2011

Below The Belt

Below The Belt Poster

Last year in “OH MY GOTH !” you screamed for your lives !! This year, in “BELOW THE BELT” hold onto your nuts, ‘cos you’ll go bananas !

The Crazy Christmas Cabaret is really going below the belt this year - that is, of course, below the equatorial belt - when McKee & co visit the steaming jungle of Central Africa where men are men, and the gorillas look very nervous !

An African safari hunter, an alluring ape-expert and a fithy-rich financier decide to make an expedition through the unexplored rainforest in search of a missing climatologist and the Lost City Of Minj. They disagree about everything, but their only chance of survival in the hot inpenetrable jungle is to stick together. And stick they do !

How can they survive the horrors of man-eating plants, malaria-fuelled mosquitos, cheeky chimps, boisterous baboons, carniverous crocodiles, and a tribe of cannibals who want to show off their cooking skills - using them as the ingredients ?

On top of all this, they meet a lianer-swinging ape-man and a fat woman from Yorkshire in the missionary position! And then, just as things could not get worse, the equatorial jungle reveals an even greater horror ! Worse than their wildest nightmares !

Don't miss this hot and hilarious Rumble in the Jungle ! Join Vivienne McKee, David Bateson, Andrew Jeffers, Katrine Falkenberg and the rest of the intrepid Crazy Christmas gang as they take you in - and out - of the African Queen !

Vivienne has put the “vamp” into vampire - and now the crazy team put the “mental” into Environmental !

Guaranteed recycling (up to 80%) - of old jokes !

More Crazy than Christmas!

- Vivienne McKee