A Murder Mystery Entertainment

Murder Mystery

“....Dead funny !!”

LONDON TOAST THEATRE offers you an entertainment of murder and mystery in the true Agatha Christie style, presented by a troupe of top-professional comedy actors based in Copenhagen.

What you can expect...

In an exciting location of your choice - for example, we have performed at the medieval castle of Dragsholm on Zealand, the majestic Hindsgavl Slot on Funen, the Hotel Store Kro in Fredensborg, Det Ny Teater in Copenhagen, Landskrona Slot in Sweden and also many excellent Company headquarters - wherever you choose for your event - you and your guests are ready to enjoy a splendid evening...when, suddenly, - there is a feeling of evil in the air!

Your party is joined by a group of eccentric people who are acting very suspiciously!! Suddenly a dead body is discovered!! The police are called and during dinner you are informed that the case is being treated as....MURDER!!

Everyone is under suspicion and noone must leave until the crime is solved! This is your chance to play at being a detective! Clues and more evidence are revealed during the evening and more murders and other dramatic events occur, which combine to make this an evening which could frighten you to death or, more likely, make you die laughing!

The show can be arranged for one full evening - or for a weekend (Fri./Sat. or Sat./Sun) We can recommend various exciting locations all over Denmark and in Sweden.

This entertainment has been presented for a full weekend at Hotel Store Kro In Fredensborg, & at Hindsgavl Slot on Fyn for the Janssen Pharma Company, at Dragsholm Slot for SHELL, for Berlingske Tidende, and the Sherlock Holmes Association and at Svinklov Bade Hotel in Jylland for a weekend private party.

For a single full evening, DEAD FUNNY Inc. has been performed at Sceneriet, under Det Ny Teater in Copenhagen for e.g. EUROCARD, G.N.NETCOM
- for the EAST ASIATIC CO. at their new headquarters in Frihavnen.
- for NAVISION Software in Vedbæk.
- for Novo Nordisk on the pirate ship “Frigatten” in Tivoli Gardens.
- for ANDERSEN CONSULTING at Landskrona Slot in Sweden.


Some quotes from satisfied audiences....

“Særdeles proffessionelt og talentfuldt ..... formåede at vende noget der tidligere har været meget reserveret og konventionelt, til en underholdende begivenhed fyldt med latter, intrigeren og overraskelser.”

“... formåede på excellent vis at involvere hele selskabet og holde latteren gående!”

“Tak for en utrolig underholdende aften. Vi var meget imponerede over den måde I formåede at involvere vores gruppe på og ikke mindst jeres konstante improvisationer.” ...“Vi satte især stor pris på den måde I satte den administrerende dir. under mistanke!”

“Velskrevet - masser af latterbomber - et fascinerende og velindpakket komplot - “Mordelig god underholdning ..... en sand fornøjelse!” “Højst anbefalelsesværdigt!” “Konstant overraskende!”

“Just about the most fun we’ve had away from a computer screen!”

“A fabulous evening! Everyone is still talking about it!”



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E-mail: mail@londontoast.dk