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Tell Me About It/Crazy Christmas 2021 Program:

Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2021 - Who's in the pictures..?
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Vivienne McKey
Photo: Søren Kuhn
Vivienne McKee Vivienne McKee
Viva Vivienne
Photo: Søren Kuhn
Viva Vivienne Viva Vivienne
Vivienne in red
Photo: Peter Krasilnikoff
Vivienne in red Vivienne in red
Killing the Danes2
Photo: Thomas Petri
Killing the Danes2 Killing the Danes2
Shakespeare's Ghost
Photo: Thomas Petri
Shakespeare's Ghost Shakespeare's Ghost
Photo: Søren Kuhn
Copenhagen Copenhagen
Cole Porter
Photo: Thomas Petri
Cole Porter Cole Porter
Cole Porter_01
Photo: Thomas Petri
Cole Porter_01 Cole Porter_01
Cole Porter_03
Photo: Thomas Petri
Cole Porter_03 Cole Porter_03