Shakin'Up Shakespeare

Shakespeare as you have never seen it performed before!!

“A crazy mixture of the Marx Brothers, Monty Python and Bugs Bunny, the LONDON TOAST THEATRE players take a roller-coaster ride through the most famous works of Shakespeare. I was "shakin'" with laughter.”

Berlingske Tidende



Three actors attempt to discover an acting style which will make Shakespeare’s work more relevant to the new millenium audience.  This quest takes them - and the audience - on a high -tempo, and highly unusual “theme ride” through the tragedies of ROMEO AND JULIET, MACBETH and OTHELLO , culminating in - what can only be described as - a “totally tragic”  20 minute version of HAMLET. 

The audience are asked to help and many searching questions are raised: 

Can MACBETH  be played underwater? Is OTHELLO full of black humour? Is there really something rotten in the state of Denmark? Would Hamlet be happier with more “hygge” at Elsinore? 


This show is definitely not recommended for bearded intellectuals or nerdy English scholars who wear sandals and socks! 

“For those who love - or hate -  the Bard of Stratford on Avon - this show is a MUST! “

- Politiken 

“We all loved it!  And now I know why Ophelia killed herself! “

Advokatfirmaet O. Bondo Svane 

“Never seen a Hamlet like that here before. But it was great fun!” 

The head curator of Kronborg Castle , Elsinore 

This show has been performed all over Denmark (including in the Great Hall of Elsinore Castle) -  for company events and incentives, adult evening classes, schools,  colleges and private parties. Length of show : 60 - 80 mins. Technical requirements:  An acting space! 

It’s wacky! - It’s zany! - It’s Shakespeare!!