Crazy Christmas 2023


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For 40 years Vivienne McKee and her team of talented comedy actors have entertained you with their crazy antics, and this year they present a story of hilarious horror which will make you die laughing !   
The Crazy Christmas 2023 is entitled   -
Dr. J. Robert Jekyll has established his laboratory in a remote old mansion on the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland, called The House of Urhart. He is developing a drug which brings out the dark, depraved and secret passions of people, in the hopes of winning the Nobel Prize for Physics.
In order to pay for the maintenance of the mansion, he has rented a wing of the house to Gwyneth Honeypot to use as a Wellness Centre for her treatments including Aura Healing, Qi Gong, Tree-hugging, and Mud Immersion Therapy.  
While she sells her popular healthcare creams, which she calls “Poo-Ha “ products, online using social media, Nurse Hyacinth Nellie Nutcracker is hired to deal with the patients. Hyacinth is unafraid of anything, except for the strange and scary assortment of creatures she encounters at the House. These include a homocidal maniac called Horrible Herbert, Frankenstein’s man-made monster, ghosts and ghouls, Count Dracula and his blood-thirsty bride, Necrophilia. 
All hell breaks loose when the Scottish housekeeper, Miss MacCrumble, reveals a dreadful curse falling on anyone who stays at the House. No living creature is safe from death or disaster, not even the lovely heroine, Gwyneth, the hapless hero, Hamish MacDonald, or even the brave American fitness instructor, Ben Goodbody.   
Dr Jekyll ’s drug becomes a weapon of destruction which he cannot control, even with the help of his old friend Dr. van Helsingør from Elsinore. 
Eventually , the local police detective, Inspector McToggle, arrives to investigate the dreadful crimes that are happening in the area, until he also is dragged into the horror when he unknowingly drinks the Jekyll Juice with unexpected results. 
With vampires thirsty for blood, and monsters hungry for destruction, only those who are prepared to laugh their heads off will survive the House of Uhygge. In fact, if you die laughing, you will get your money back !
“The House of Uhygge”  will send shivers of fear and laughter rattling down your spines. There is nothing like a good SCREEEAM and the reflex burst of laughter which follows it. So if you like to be shaken up and scared out of your wits then “THE HOUSE OF UHYGGE “ will give you lots to scream about !
The Crazy Christmas comedy team will take you on a nail-biting roller-coaster ride through the supernatural world of the greatest ghouls and ghastliest monster creations of all time, with its potent mix of sensational songs, silly slapstick, sexy sirens, dubious double entendres and daring dance numbers stirred up into a ghastly gruel of a crazy Gothic Horror Show.
Its dead funny !  Its fang-tastic!   Its oozing with biting satire !  

Vivienne McKee
David Bateson
Andrew Jeffers
Katrine Falkenberg
Kevin Kiernan-Molloy
Sebastian Harris                                                                                                                                                            .   Claus de Lichtenberg

Stuart Goodstein
Søren B. Petersen
Tom Højlund

Played in Glassalen, Tivoli  
14. NOV 2023 - 30. DEC 2023


Listen to our new podcast and hear Vivienne McKee, Søren Hall and other Toasties talk about 40 years of bringing British theatre to the Danish stages - please tune in to the first episode and hear more about how all the Craziness started

Gallery: The House of Uhygge - 2023

Photos by Thomas Petri

Costumes drawings by Kirsten Brink