Crazy Christmas 2021


Tell Me About It
Have you been going Corona Crrrrr-azy ? 
 - Tell me about it  !  
“TELL ME ABOUT IT”  is the title of Crazy Christmas 2021 ! 
After cancelling last year’s Crazy Christmas show because of the Lock Down, and following 4 turbulent years of Trump and Brexit, McKee & Co have for our 40 years theatre season jubilee decided to take you back to a happier decade - The Eighties !
From 1980 to 1989, there was an explosion of colourful clothes, big hair, big shoulders, disco, drugs, and terrific TV shows: Miami Vice, Dynasty, Dallas. Dazzling pop idols, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bowie, Abba and Elton, and the world was led by a movie star US president, a UK Iron Lady and a Glasnost Gorbachev. Reds hid under their beds, while ruthless mobsters made millions with organised crime. 
This is the story of Don Calzone and his family:  
Al Fresco, Dino, Dolce Vita and Cappuccino. They have been one of the most powerful Mafia families for decades, but now, in 1985, they are shocked to realise that times have changed.
Who will the Don choose to succeed him ? 
At a Calzone anniversary party at the Funky Flamingo in Miami Beach, all hell breaks loose when a drug lord known as The Cuban kidnaps the family’s advisor, a young millionaire businessman, Donald Dump, arrives to buy a property on Palm Beach, and Don Calzone is finally forced to make an offer that IS refused.  
Find out who makes it to the end of this eighties riotous gangster romp, created by Vivienne McKee with her signature cocktail of classic Crazy Christmas (now for its 38th time!) with a triple shot of Coppola, Tarantino and Scorsese, shaken and not stirred, with a slice of pure British silliness.
This is “No Time to Die “ - but time to die laughing ! 
Enjoy this year’s best Tivoli roller-coaster ride, riddled with bullets, toe-tapping tunes, jokes, slapstick, satire, and best of all  - oodles of audience participation  !!   
Played in Glassalen, Tivoli  
16. NOV 2021 - 15. JAN 2022

Listen to the latest POVcast:

Vivienne McKee talks about Crazy Christmas and of 40 years of bringing British theatre to Denmark.

How it all started in 1982 on a tiny stage at Café Teatret in Copenhagen, and over the past 40 years has developed into a show that is among the 10 best-selling in a Danish theater season.



Production Team - Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2021

Vivienne McKee

Vivienne McKee - WRITER & DIRECTOR

Vivienne founded the London Toast Theatre in 1982 and this year, she is celebrating her 40th theatre season. She writes and directs all the Crazy Christmas shows and writes other plays, including a show based on the life of Cole Porter, “Oh Baby - It’s Cole”, “Don’t Mention Hemingway” and “Shakespeare’s Ghost”. Her film and TV in the UK included “The Slipper and the Rose“, and “Coronation Street“ and in Denmark, “Langt fra Las Vegas”, “Smil du er På“, “Ørnen”, “Young Frankenstein - The Musical” for Fredericia Teater and Gertrude in “Hamlet” at the Shakespeare Festival in Elsinore. She plays Diana in the computer game “Hitman” and is the English voice on DSB trains. As a Stand Up comedian, her popular touring show, “Killing the Danes” is for audiences who want to understand why the Danes are so annoyingly “happy”!

Kirsten Brink


Kirsten graduated from Designskolen, Kolding in 1982. She was awarded the prize for experimental set design at the Quadrinale, Prag for “Spille- rum”. She has been the set and costume designer for the Crazy Christmas since 1988, and a number of other London Toast productions. Kirsten has designed Eventyrteatrets productions, and for Hjørringrevyen for more than 20 years. She has worked for Nørrebro Teater, Folketeatret, Cirkus Nemo, Holbæk Teater and Ålborg- Aarhus- og Odense Teater. Recently, “Eksmænd”, “Zorro” and “Sovedrikken “for Den Fynske Opera. She was awarded the “Revyprisen” for lifetime achievements, and as a unique Director /Designer partnership for 33 years, Kirsten and Vivienne should be in the Guiness Book of Records!

Peter Friis


This is Peter's 12th Crazy Christmas Cabaret. Peter has made a name as one of the top choreographers in Denmark, creating dance numbers for all the danish theatre stages. Recently he has choreographed “Sanne the musical” in Tivoli, “Nissebanden”, “Leonora Christina”, “Frk. Nitouche”, “Hjørring revyen” and “Vild med dans the musical”. In fact he never stops dancing and encouraging others to move and groove too.

Cast - Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2021

Jefferson Bond

Jefferson Bond

Jefferson Bond is an actor and comedian from the UK, now based in Copenhagen. He graduated from East 15 Acting School in 2015 and since has worked all over Europe. Recently in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in association with Det Kongelige Teater. As a stand up comedian he became the first English-speaking comedian to become a finalist in both Sweden and Denmark’s national comedy competition. He performed with Simon Talbot and Russell Howard on their Danish tour in 2020. This is Jefferson’s 5th Crazy Christmas Show and he is happy to be back in Glassalen with the crazy team again!

Andrew Jeffers

Andrew Jeffers

Andrew has been an actor for over 25 years, and has enjoyed dres- sing up as Vivienne’s “Dame” in 22 CCCs. He appeared in various British TV soaps, plays and musicals before moving permanently to Copenhagen. Now he is a voice-over speaker for commercials and documentaries. Andrew has played Polonius at Kronborg Castle, and Queen Margaret in Richard 3rd for HamletScene. Next year he will play Jeppe from the Danish play ‘Jeppe på Bjerget’ by Ludwig Holberg which has been translated into English.

Kevin Kiernan-Molloy

Kevin Kiernan-Molloy

Kevin is from Australia and lives in Denmark. He graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2010 and his theatre credits in Copenhagen include, “A Midsummer Nights Dream” (After Hours Theatre), “Mairead” and “The Art of Falling” (Why Not Theatre) and “No Exit: Reloaded”- (HIT). His TV appearances include “Neigh- bours”, “Home and Away”, and “The Strange Calls”. His film credits include “What if it works?”, “Holding the Man” and “Firebird”. In 2019 Kevin lost his Crazy Christmas virginity in the “The Three Brexiteers” notably as crazy King Louis, and is now excited to play 3 wild characters in “Tell Me About It“.

David Bateson

David Bateson

David has played many colourful characters in Crazy Xmas Shows over the years including Dracula, James Bond, Tarzan, Angela Merkel and especially, various hilarious versions of Donald Trump in 3 different shows. This year, Vivienne made David an offer he couldn’t refuse – to play the Mafia gangster, Alfresco Calzone. Later this year he will be appearing in DR’s comedy series “Orkestret,” playing a world-famous conductor. David is renowned for his Voice and has his own sound studio where he records TV commercials, corporate films, audio books, e-learning courses, film trailers and computer games. He is the face and the voice of Agent 47 in Denmark’s internationally famous computer game “Hitman”.

Bennet Thorpe

Bennet Thorpe

Bennet graduated from The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2002, and worked extensively in theatre and TV, culminating in playing the lead role in a TV series “Captain Mack”. He joined the CCC team in 2006 and has since played over 50 crackpot characters. Since moving permanently to Denmark 10 years ago, aside from Glas- salen, he has performed at Kronborg Slot, Teatret ved Sorte Hest and Bådteatret and provides voiceovers for many of Denmark’s top companies. He recently played in Christoffer Boe’s “Smagen af Sult” (2021). He started a family here and loves living in Copenhagen.

Katrine Falkenberg

Katrine Falkenberg

It’s Katrine’s 13th Crazy Christmas. She has had the unique task of being the only Dane appearing in so many Crazy Christmas Shows, and mastering so many different English accents. She trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London and was back- ing singer for Elton John on a UK tour. Appearing in numerous musicals, shows and bands across Denmark since 1995, she recently sang in the Cole Porter Cabaret “Oh Baby, it’s Cole”, and can be seen in “Akavet” on DR Ultra in the upcoming season. In 2017 she released her jazz album “I De Små Timer”. In addition to a very successful Voice-Over career, including playing hundreds of cartoon characters, she is now the Danish voice for the Copenhagen Metro.

Claus de Licthenberg

Claus de Licthenberg

Claus trained as a musical performer at The Danish National School of Performing Arts. Since 2011 he has been working as a stage manager for the CCC, organising the technical work backstage as well as playing various roles onstage in the show. Vivienne says she can’t resist exploiting his skills! He has been dancing and singing as slaves, servants, centurions, pirates, a cameo role as Conchita Wurst, and in the last Crazy Christmas, he was the performer with the most costume changes. He can’t wait to play a tough gangster in this year’s show.

Vivienne McKee

Vivienne McKee

Vivienne founded the London Toast Theatre in 1982 and this year, she is celebrating her 40th theatre season. She writes and directs all the Crazy Christmas shows and writes other plays, including a show based on the life of Cole Porter, “Oh Baby - It’s Cole”, “Don’t Mention Hemingway” and “Shakespeare’s Ghost”. Her film and TV in the UK included “The Slipper and the Rose“, and “Coronation Street“ and in Denmark, “Langt fra Las Vegas”, “Smil du er På“, “Ørnen”, “Young Frankenstein - The Musical” for Fredericia Teater and Gertrude in “Hamlet” at the Shakespeare Festival in Elsinore. She plays Diana in the computer game “Hitman” and is the English voice on DSB trains. As a Stand Up comedian, her popular touring show, “Killing the Danes” is for audiences who want to understand why the Danes are so annoyingly “happy”!

The Snappy Alligators - Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2021

Stuart Goodstein

Stuart Goodstein

This is Stuart’s 12th CCC as Musical Director. Stuart scores international TV-commercials and finds time to write, produce and arrange for a wide range of artists and commercial clients. Stuart was also musical arranger for the acclaimed Cole Porter Show in 2019.

Søren B. Petersen

Søren B. Petersen

Søren - also known as Bom-Bom - is a real London Toastie! He began his career with LTT in 1993 and has now been the drummer and Sound Effects magician for 25 CCC’s. His other work includes his own touring band “Sørens Orkester”. He is ready this year with his usual assortment of bangs and crashes, punches and farts, if his computer does not fail.

Tom Højlund Olsen

Tom Højlund Olsen

Tom Højlund Olsen has a diploma-degree in classical percussion, from The Royal Danish Academy of Music, and works as a musician in The Royal Danish Guard orkester. He has also got a Bass Guitar, and this year,
he’s gonna use ALL the strings.

Reviews 2021


Nu tændes tusind julelys i teatret. Se selv! 
Anne Middelboe Christensen

The Copenhagen Post ★★★★★

You’d be crazy not to tell your friends about it… Long live the CCC. All in all, this was the best Crazy Christmas Cabaret for quite a while…With such vivacity, it’s hard to imagine this show won’t go on to outlive us all.
Ben Hamilton

Berlingske / AOK   ★★★★★

“Vi orker det jo ikke længere. Hentydningerne til zoommøder, bløde bukser, fællessang og vatpinde i næsebor. Alt er sagt. Det er helt ærligt ikke sjovt længere! Tag os væk herfra! Bare for et par timer!
Det gør London Toast Theatre. Giver os et par timer med glæde, grin og gensyn med dansant musik og et modebillede, som vi til gengæld kun kan glæde os over, vi er sluppet ud af.
Jubilæumsfejringer er festlige. Det er den her i den grad. Det var faktisk lige, hvad vi havde brug for.”
Rikke Rottensten

Morten Buckhøj   ★★★★★

“Spillet er perlende hele raden rundt af Vivienne McKee selv, 40-års jubilaren David Bateson (dog 'kun' 31 år i CCC), Jefferson Bond, Bennet Thorpe, Claus de Lictenberg og de allerede nævnte Andrew Jeffers, Kevin Kiernan-Molloy og Katrine Falkenberg. Og orkestret, The Snabby Aligators, med Stuart Goodstein i spidsen leverer et ret fremragende lydbillede. Kirsten Brink har igen skabt en overdådighed af vilde og vanvittige kostumer og en scenografi, der tager os kvikt rundt fra sted til sted.”
Morten Buckhøj


"Årets Crazy Christmas Cabaret i Glassalen er heldigvis lige så hyggelig som de sidste 39 gange, så når Vivienne McKee som sit alterego Dr. Van Helsingør lægger an på Andrew Jeffers, i rollen som mafia-mama i endnu en overdådig kjolekreation, så breder smilet sig lige så bredt som det altid gør blandt publikum. For den enorme fanskare ved hvad de kommer efter, og London Toast Theatre giver dem præcis hvad de vil have...det er mindst lige så meget gensynet med det velkendte, som overraskelsen ved nye gags, der gør årets Crazy Christmas Cabaret til den evergreen som den er...Don’t miss it!”
Casper Koeller

Det Händer ★★★★★

“Skall man göra sig en trevlig kväll i Dronningens by så är årets Crazy Christmas Cabarets “Tell me about it” ett måste.
Har man inte upplevt Crazy Christmas Cabaret, ja då har man missat mycket.”
Ola Sjösten

Kulturinformation ★★★★★

"Et folkeeje er blevet en tradition. Årets show virker særligt veloplagt og på toppen som om hele ensemblet har savnet at kunne spille sidste år – og publikum sidder tydeligvis med samme følelse – gensynsglæden er stor. Ved siden af mig sad et par, der var kommet fra Fyn – traditionen foreskrev, at de ikke måtte gå glip af årets Vivienne McKee show – og manden grinede endda så højlydt, at skuespillerne på scenen bemærkede det og kommenterede på hans grineflip. Jeg overhørte også en samtale mellem to veninder i garderoben, der havde regnet på, at det var syttende år i træk, de var til dette show."
Jesper Hillestrøm

Frederiksborg Amts Avis ★★★★

"Ensemblet spiller komedie bag løjerne - højrøstet komedie, for det skal det være, men også med glimt i øjet og talrige spark til den underlige verden, vi finder os i. Det er sundt at le, også af os selv."
Knud Cornelius

iScene ★★★★

“London Toast Theatre er efter et års corona-pause tilbage i vanlig form med brandere, sej musikalitet, politiske oneliners og charmante kostumer. Denne gang forankret i 80’ernes pangfarvede gangstermiljø.”
Anne Liisberg

Kulturtid   ★★★★★

...så giv endelig jer selv den oplevelse af se Crazy Christmas Cabaret, for – Tell me about it – kan i den grad anbefales. Forventningerne var i top, og forventningerne blev indfriet. Dette års Crazy Christmas Cabaret er simpelthen hylende morsomt.
Eleonore Af Schaumburg-Lippe

CphCulture ★★★★

Vivienne McKee og co. er tilbage i Glassalen og gudskelov for det!
Michael Søby


Danmarksbloggen ★★★★★

“Kom ikke og sig, at man ikke lærer noget af at blive underholdt. Og underholdt bliver man. De danser og synger, så det er en lyst – og de små ordspil kommer hurtigere end en salve fra en maskinpistol. Det er formidabelt, forrygende og fantastisk.
Og måske også med et strejf af alvor lige så godt gemt som en pose kokain i en udstoppet alligator. For man sidder også med tanken: Var 80´erne ikke grådighedens årti? Greed is good, som mantraet lød.
For er det ikke sådan, at vi lige nu høster frugten af den overforbrugende og selviscenesættende livsstil, som for alvor startede i en sky af hårlak dengang (nogenlunde samtidig med Crazy Christmas Cabaret, som næste år har eksisteret i 40 år, hvilket fortjener et gigant HOORAY).
Men altså: Er der ikke en lige linje mellem pastelfarverne og nutiden, hvor vi sidder i klima-muddergrøften, og selv den største hvidvaskning ikke kan vaske en snus rent – uanset hvor meget vi synger ”I am what I am”.”
Dorte J. Thorsen

Det sku' du se ★★★★

Crazy Christmas Cabaret er blevet en elsket københavnertradition med sine 40 år på bagen. 2021 udgaven skuffer ikke sine fans.Glassalen i Tivoli tilføjer et ekstra lag af klassisk komedie-fernis, når Vivienne McKee og hendes rutinerede team af fyrer årets veloplagte comedyshow af for fuld drøn. Dét skal jeg lige love for – eller Tell Me About it, som årets show er døbt i sin mafioso wiseguy-lingo!
Jens Winther

POV International

“Den fine balance mellem tradition og fornyelse bliver overholdt. Vi er trygge ved rammen og griner ad indholdet. Silly på den gode britiske måde, hyggeligt på den gode danske.“
Steen Blendstrup

Ungt Teaterblod   ★★★★

Uanset om du er erfaren publikummer eller en Crazy Christmas-virgin, vil du grine af årets show. Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2021: Tell me about it! har en charme og et drive og ikke mindst et sprudlende hold og et gennemmusikalsk lille orkester.

Set på Scenen ★★★★

Af omveje ender forestillingen rent faktisk i Tivoli og Tivoli, i al sin juleglans, er også der, hvor man kan opleve dette gakkede, humoristiske og helt utæmmede stykke teater, som varmt kan anbefales, hvis man lige har behov for at slippe hæmningerne en enkelt aften og lade resten af verden bekymre sig om coronavirus imens.