Crazy Christmas 2019


The Three Brixiteers

Vivienne McKee is back - and she's crazier than ever !

“The Three Musketeers” gets the McKee treatment. Who knows how she does it, but this year she manages to transform this timeless tale into a hilarious, action-packed and deadly serious satire on Brexit !  

In 17th century much-divided Europe, the nations attempt to form a treaty, but are thwarted by master manipulator, Cardinal Rich-luurgh and his alluringly spy, Milady de Whichway.

A boisterous band known as The Three Brexiteers - Atosser, Amorous and Porkpie, and a Parisian “gillet jaune" protester, Dame Babette Boumboum together with her niece, Constance Camembert, become involved in a terrorist action to bring down the Monarchy and divide Europe. Double crossings, conspiracies and fake news keep The Brexiteers on their toes as they fight enemies on both sides of the Channel. This year’s Crazy Christmas evokes a time when, in the immortal words of May-lady, “Brexit means Brexit“.

Starring Vivienne McKee, David Bateson, Andrew Jeffers, Bennet Thorpe, Jeff Bond, Katrine Falkenberg, Kevin Kiernan-Molloy and the ever–versatile Dr Van Helsingør.


Played in Glassalen, Tivoli 

12. NOV 2019 - 11. JAN 2020

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Vivienne McKees eksklusive interview med Dr. Bent van Helsingør

Production Team - Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2019

Vivienne McKee

Vivienne McKee - WRITER & DIRECTOR

Vivienne founded the English Theatre of Copenhagen - London Toast Theatre in 1982. She writes and directs the Crazy Christmas shows every year and this is the 37th show! She also writes more serious plays: recently “Don't Mention Hemingway” and “Shakespeare’s Ghost”. Her Danish Film, TV and Theatre work includes “Langt fra Las Vegas”, “Ørnen”, “Young Frankenstein - The Musical” for Fredericia Teater and recently Gertrude in “Hamlet” at the Shakespeare Festival at Kronborg Castle. Last year she appeared in the Danish film comedy “Mødregruppen”. Her voice instructs Agent 47 in the international computer game “Hitman” and gives information in English on DSB trains all over Denmark. Her Stand Up Comedy Show, “Killing the Danes” is ideal for weddings and divorces and international companies who want to understand why the Danes are so annoyingly “happy”.

Kirsten Brink


Kirsten graduated from Designskolen, Kolding in 1982. Was awarded the price for experimental set design at the Quirinale, Prag for “Spillerum” Has been the set- and costumedesigner for the Crazy Christmas since 1988, plus for a number of alternative London Toast productions. Kirsten designed a number of Eventyrteatrets autumn productions, and has done the sets for Hjørringrevyen for 20 years. Was awarded the “Revyprisen” this year for lifetime achievements. Has worked for Nørrebro Teater, Folketeatret og Ålborg- Aarhus- og Odense Teatre. She loves the work and intends to continue till she drops dead!

Peter Friis


This is Peter's 12th Crazy Christmas Cabaret. For Peter it's all about dan- cing and creating dance numbers for all the danish theatre stages. This year he has been choreographing “Sanne the musical” in Tivoli, “Nisse- banden”, “Leonora Christina”, “Frk. Nitouche” and “Hjørring revyen”. After Crazy Christmas Cabaret it's “Vild med dans the musical"” coming up. This year he is joined by his beautiful female choreographer musketeer Anete Lotus Jensen.

Anete Lotus Jensen

Anete Lotus Jensen - CHOREOGRAPHER

Anete is a passionate dancer and performer, she works both off stage choreographing and on stage performing. She's worked in various Danish theatres; Det Ny Teater, Folketeatret, Thomas Langkjær Productions, Momentum, Baggård Teatret, sArt Danseteater, Odense Teater, Rødvig Revyen and also been dancing with various artist like fx Infernal, Nik & Jay to mention a few. She's very excited to join the Crazy Christmas Team and she loves working and creating with Peter Friis, her fiery and one of a kind choreographer musketeer.

Cast - Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2019

Kevin Kiernan-Molloy

Kevin Kiernan-Molloy

Kevin is from Australia and lives in Denmark. He graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2010 and has been working professionally in Theatre, Film and TV. His theatre credits in Copen- hagen include, “A Midsummer Nights Dream” (After Hours Theatre), “Mairead” and “The Art of Falling” (Why Not Theatre) and “No Exit: Reloaded”- (HIT). His TV appearances include “Neighbours”, “Home and Away”, and “The Strange Calls”. His film credits include,“What if it works?”, “Holding the Man” and “Firebird”. This Kevin’s first CCC and he is looking forward to the fun! Last year Kevin lost his Crazy Christmas virginity seeing “Foggs Off” and is excited to be joining in the fun this time around!

Andrew Jeffers

Andrew Jeffers

Andrew has been an actor for over 25 years, and has enjoyed dressing up in the elaborate costumes as Vivienne’s “Dame” in no less than 20 CCCs. He appeared in various British TV soaps, plays and musicals before moving permanently to Copenhagen. Now he is a voice-over speaker for commercials and documentaries. Andrew again played Polonius at Kronborg Castle, and also Queen Margaret in Richard the 3rd for Hamletscene.

Katrine Falkenberg

Katrine Falkenberg

It’s Katrines 12th Crazy Christmas. She trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London and had the joy of backing Elton John on a tour in the UK. She has appeared in a long row of musicals, shows and bands across Denmark since 1995. Last in the Cole Porter cabaret “Oh Baby, it’s Cole” at Krudttønden earlier this year. In 2017 she released her jazz album “I De Små Timer”. She has just topped her career as a commercial speaker with becoming the new Danish voice of the Cph Metro. She has done voice overs for hundreds of cartoon characters since 2002. Next summer she will take her first step into the Danish revy world in Rødvig Revyen.

David Bateson

David Bateson

This is his 27th CCC. He has played characters such as Dracula, James Bond, Dr Watson, Tarzan, Bent the Gladiator, Watt A Twerp, Angela Merkel(!) as well in recent years, various versions of Donald Trump. This year it's the turn of Britain’s version of Trump – Boris Johnson. He has also appeared in various Danish films and TV series over the years and records everything from TV commercials, corporate films, audio books and e-learning courses. He is the face and voice of Agent 47 in Denmark’s internationally renowned computer game franchise, “Hitman”.

Bennet Thorpe

Bennet Thorpe

Bennet has appeared in twelve previous Crazy Christmas Cabarets. He has played over fifty different characters in Glassalen. He has perfomed at Castle Kronborg, on Bådteatret, and at Teatret ved Sorte Hest, and often provides voiceovers with his classically trained English voice, and he
is developing an enthusiastic Danish one. In Britain he had his own TV series “Captain Mack”, and worked extensively in television and advertising, including “The IT crowd”, “Foyles War”, “Inspector Lynley”, and “Hustle”. He will soon be filming for Christoffer Boe’s new movie “Skilt”.

Jefferson Bond

Jefferson Bond

Jefferson Bond is from the UK, now based in Copenhagen. He graduated from East 15 Acting School in 2015 and since then has worked all across the UK and Europe in both theatre, voice and screen. In 2019 he was in “A Midsummer Night’sDream” in association with Det Kongelige Teater. As a stand up comic he was voted one of the top 5 comedians in Sweden’s nationwide comedy competition “Lund Comedy Grand Slam”, he performed his one man show “My Life as a Rockstar Astronaut and Other Lies” at Zulu Comedy Festival and DMI Stand Up 2019. This Christmas he will be the voice for Pandora Jewellery. He appeared in 4 CCCs starting as Robin Hood.

Claus de Licthenberg

Claus de Licthenberg

Claus trained as a musical performer at The Danish National School of Performing Arts. He has performed in several shows and this year it is his ninth Crazy Christmas. Since 2011 he has been working as a stagemanager on the CCC as well as being in it! Vivienne loves to use his skills both onstage and offstage. During the years he has been multi-tasking as three different slaves, two centurions, a guard, a Roman scribe, a Colosseum cleaner, a pirate, Conchita Wurst, Cthrue keyhole, and last year the one with most costumes. This year... you will have to see.

Vivienne McKee

Vivienne McKee

Vivienne founded the English Theatre of Copenhagen - London Toast Theatre in 1982. She writes and directs the Crazy Christmas shows every year and this is the 37th show! She also writes more serious plays: recently “Don't Mention Hemingway” and “Shakespeare’s Ghost”. Her Danish Film, TV and Theatre work includes “Langt fra Las Vegas”, “Ørnen”, “Young Frankenstein - The Musical” for Fredericia Teater and recently Gertrude in “Hamlet” at the Shakespeare Festival at Kronborg Castle. Last year she appeared in the Danish film comedy “Mødregruppen”. Her voice instructs Agent 47 in the international computer game “Hitman” and gives information in English on DSB trains all over Denmark. Her Stand Up Comedy Show, “Killing the Danes” is ideal for weddings and divorces and international companies who want to understand why the Danes are so annoyingly “happy”.

The 3 Musik-ateers - Crazy Christmas Cabaret 2019

Stuart Goodstein

Stuart Goodstein

This is Stuart’s 11th CCC. Stuart scores international tv-commercials and finds time to write, produce and arrange for a wide range of artists and commercial clients. Stuart was behind the piano doing the acclaimed Cole Porter Show with Viv in 2019. As Musical Director in the CCC it's all for one - and two and three and four!

Søren B. Petersen

Søren B. Petersen

Søren - also known as Bom-Bom - is a real London Toastie! He began his career with LTT in 1993 and has now been the drummer and Sound Effects magician for 24 CCC’s. His other work includes his own touring band “Sørens Orkester”. He is ready this year with his usual assortment of bangs and crashes, punches and farts, if his computer does not fail. His favourite CCC is “Below the Belt” because the band was onstage.

Tom Højlund Olsen

Tom Højlund Olsen

Tom likes to play for grand ladies, so when he isn’t working for Dame Vivienne, he plays for Dronning Margrethe in the Royal Guard. He trained as a classical percussionist and therefore finds it oddly thrilling, that he should finger 4 strings on a bass guitar in the Crazy Christmas Cabaret band.

Reviews 2019

The Copenhagen Post

History on a stage, this is essential viewing for the whole country…When you witness adulation like this, it really is commendable how a long-running comedy like this can bring so much mirth to so many. From the inventive sound effects to the outlandish costumes (how do they manage to change so quickly?), its imprint on the theatrical history of Denmark is undeniable. The central premise of ‘The Three Brexiteers’ was brilliant…..Lady Marmelade, which ended the first act and was surprisingly reprised in the second, had to be seen to be believed. It was astonishing good.

Ben Hamilton


Hele kompagniet og de tre superskønne musikere leverer i den grad varen i år.
The Crazy Christmas Cabaret er, som det fremgår, et temmelig løst koncept, der hænges op på et tema, arketypiske karakterer, aktuelle begivenheder, komik, sang, dans og publikums medleven. McKee og co har publikum i deres hule hånd, hvad enten vi skal buhe, læne os frem og lytte til The Dames sladder eller klappe højt af de få heldige tilskuere, der kommer på scenen og et kort øjeblik er en del af løjerne. Årgang 2019 var i aldeles fin form. McKee skriver altid lidt langt, men i år får hun både fortalt musketerhistorien loyalt, spiddet Brexit og flettet et væsentligt dobbeltspor ind om ligestilling og kønsidentiteter. Ligegyldig er hun aldrig, og selvom “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition”, er det jo faktisk præcis det, vi gør, når truppen får genkendelighed til at rime på overraskelse.

Anne Liisberg


Danmarksbloggen giver årets Crazy Christmas Cabaret ”The Three Brexiteers” 6 ud af 6 stjerner – og ja, denne gang bliver det stjerner, de forkætrede EU-stjerner.
For det er en forestilling til tiden. En forestilling, der minder om gamle dages varietéer med lige dele tempo, sjov, musikalitet, kropslighed – og så den der fine balance mellem kunst og alvor, som skabes, når manuskriptet er godt skrevet, og dem som er på scenen – og oppe i musikerboksen – kan deres metier.

Dorte J. Thorsen

Steen Blendstrup, POV International

Der er tilstrækkelig overskudsagtig silliness, der tilfredsstiller alt det, jeg som – det indrømmer jeg gerne – trofast publikum til denne juletradition kan forvente.
Ud over Trump-parodien er der hip til Brexit, russisk collusion og bankernes etiske retningslinjer, men Fogg’s Off er ikke særlig bidsk satire. Stilen er i højere grad silly. Men det er værd at huske, at briterne kan være silly på en særdeles intelligent måde.


London Toast Theatres julehumørbombe á la 2019 hedder THE THREE BREXITEERS, og holder som sædvanligt et hæsblæsende tempo fra start af, både når evigt unge Vivienne McKee folder sig ud i året 1630, og når alt for aktuelle tragikomiske figurer som Boris Johnson og Donald Trump blander sig i historien. Men med skal de, for ellers var det jo ikke en rigtig Crazy Christmas Cabaret.

Casper Koeller


Vi kaster fem store euro stjerner/regnbueflag efter Crazy Christmas The Three Brexiteers, som kan opleves i Tivoli frem til den 11. januar 2020

Tonny og Claus Bønløkke Hertz

Det händer

Det är bara att buga och bocka för ännu en fantastiskt rolig Crazy Christmas Cabaret. Oväntad, inkluderande och smart underhållning när den är som bäst.

Ola Sjösten

Årets tema og undertitel, ”The Three Brexiteers” er en ret elegant parodiering over det nuværende politiske klima, generelle tendenser i samfundet og Alexandre Dumas’ klassiker ”De tre musketerer” med hilsner til andre af hans store værker, som ”Manden i jernmasken” og ”Greven af Monte Christo”. Det er ellers ikke elegance, man umiddelbart forbinder med dette ultra camp univers, men det kræver en skarp pen at skrive de mange scener, som står ganske stærkt som selvstændige sketches, ind i en sammenhængende fortælling, som vender en litterær klassiker fuldstændig på hovedet og samtidig forholder sig meget konkret til dens handling.

Dina Amlund

Out & About

Farverig og fantasifuld Crazy Christmas i Tivoli

Henrik Sieben


Et juleritual for mange! … I år er historien både britisk og kontinentalt, fordi det handler om ”De tre musketerer” af Dumas, som er fransk, fordi EU er forankret i Bruxelles, og fordi det franske kan sætte det mest grinagtige ved engelsk livsstil og smag i relief. Og så er de gule veste naturligvis også med- egentlig uden årsag. Meget morsomt. Ligeså sammensmeltningen af Boris og Donald…

Ulla Strømberg

Frederiksborg Amts Avis

Vivienne McKee maser ufortøvet på med denne særlige form for legesyg humor efter britisk opskrift, fyldt med drilleri og vandede vittigheder omkring kendte figurer, nulevende som opdigtede. Siden 1982 har hun underholdt sit danske publikum med denne særlige teaterform, der kræver lige nøjagtigt så stor kunnen som alt andet teater. En fasttømret stab garanterer år for år, at løjerne hænger sammen og udvikles i muntert fællesskab.

Knud Cornelius

Magasinet Kbh

”Brexit, Flexit, Schmexit? They´re gonna regrexit!” Det er helt Monty Python’sk … ’The Three Brexiteers’ er fyldt med gakket danglish humor, fantastiske kostumer og de sjoveste lydeffekter.

Thomas Riis Jensen

KOP kultur

En klassisk historie om den unge helt D’Artagnan, der drager til Paris for at blive én af kongens musketerer. Han forelsker sig i dronningens hofdame Constance, som han hjælper med at redde dronningen fra en royal skandale. Dumas’ tre helte Aramis, Porthos og Athos er oversat til Amorous, Porkpie and Athosser. Duke of Buckingham bliver til Duke of Bonkingham. Og sådan bliver det ved i en sand Vivienne McKeesk masterclass af sjove lege med ord. I år er det særligt omskrivningerne af royale tituleringer, der får mine lattermuskler til at vibrere til en perlerække af små herlige ordbastarder.

Knud Overgaard Pedersen


Det er ’All for fun and fun for all’ når Brexit forklares i en absurd version af ’De Tre Musketerer’ – ganske vittigt omdøbt til ’The Three Brexiteers’ – i årets Crazy Christmas Cabaret. Intet er for plat eller for langt ude. Alt er med andre ord som det plejer i denne tour-de-force af outdated humor, der falder så tilpas ved siden af, at det ender med at blive temmelig underholdende – også for den yngre generation.

Gudrun Hagen


London Toast Theatre excellerer om nogen ud i viderefortolkningens kunst hvad angår det politisk aktuelle. Og ‘The Three Brexiteers’ er ingen undtagelse.

Ann-Katrine Andersen


Vivienne McKee - velkommen tilbage i Glassalen - får fortalt sin historie klart med de små afstikkere, som der traditionen tro skal være.

Michael Søby

Morten Buckhøj

Same procedure as last year.