Big Sis Is Watching You

Crazy Christmas 1984

Big Sis Is Watching You

Oh My Goth

Big Sis Is Watching You is the second of Crazy Christmas Cabarets by Vivienne McKee. This time the story is loosely- very loosely - based on the story of Robin Hood. The script has been especially written by Vivienne McKee to include as many elements of a traditional English Pantomime as possible as well as provide a show which has a little more relevance to a Danish audience. Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest have been transplanted to England in 1984! Britain is governed by an iron leader known as Big Sis who has imposed severe taxes on the poverty-stricken citizens, many of whom are unemployed and so have even less chance of paying. The area of Nottingham’s main source of livelihood are the coal mines and Big Sis has ordered many of them to be closed down because they are unprofitable. Robin Hood and some other men from the town have gone on strike in protest and they hide out in tn Sherwood Forest, stealing from the rich Normans and giving to the poor Saxons. 


Jazzhus Slukefter in Tivoli

Nov. - Dec. 1984