Cracy Christmas 2012


Below The Belt Poster

Vivienne McKee wrote and directed the first CCC in 1982 - (she insists that she was 9 years old at the time !) and today, she and her team of comedy actors are definitely “still crazy after all these years“. In fact, even crazier, because this year Vivienne has decided, much against the wishes of her team, not to do a CCC at all ! Instead, she plans to make a Hitchcock movie.

A manuscript of an un-made Hitchcock film was recently discovered in a cupboard of the underwear department at a famous Hollywood Studio. Pages were torn or missing, and some had been used as stuffing for the fifties brassiere worn by the famous Hitchcock blonde, Tippi Hedren. When removed from the pointed bra cup and smoothed out, the title page revealed the name of the film: “The Psycho Birds who flew too much“.

This unknown filmscript revealed themes which would be used in many of Hitchcock’s later classics like The Man who Knew Too Much, Marnie, Psycho, Rear Entrance, 2400 Nord Vest and The Birds. Vivienne, enthused by the success of Mad Men and Grease , decided to adapt this unknown 50’s Hitchcock screenplay and make it the basis for her 30th Crazy Christmas Cabaret.

Her fellow actors think that the audiences would prefer a traditional Crazy Christmas Show. They are against her idea of putting suspense and murder on to the stage and think she will make a complete cock-up of it ! They decide to get rid of Vivienne once and for all ! Will the actors manage to get rid of her and do the show that they want to do ? Is this finally curtains for Vivienne, or will the Mistress of Suspenders succeed in becoming The Master of Suspense?

Will you be able to laugh while you shiver with shock and bite your nails with fear? Or will you even care about this intrigue by the end of another hilarious evening with McKee & Co. filled with sensational songs, satire, slapstick humour and sublime side-splitting comedy?

You will get the answers to all these questions and many others you don’t even want an answer to, if you buy a seat (and be prepared to sit on the edge of it) - for the thirtieth Crazy Christmas Cabaret:

Vivienne McKee’s “HITCHCOCK-UP !”